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"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~ ~ Mother Teresa


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December issue of 'The Word'

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The December Newletter is available in pdf formate:


The following is a correction to the announcement about our Christmas Families:



The tree in the hall outside the offices has tags with names and details about wished-for gift items. Please take a tag and return the wrapped item, with tag attached by Sunday, December 20th (not the 21st). T...

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November 2015 Newsletter

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The November issue of 'The Word' is available in pdf format by clicking the link:



October Newsletter

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'The Word' September 2015

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Summer Newsletter

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June Newsletter

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May Newsletter

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The May issue of 'The Word' can be viewed in pdf format by clicking on the link above.

April issue of 'The Word'

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The April Newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link

'The Word' February 2015

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I have formatted it to be easy to print on letter size paper (double sided printing)